We are committed to bring to market globally significant antibiotic medicines to treat serious and life threatening bacterial and antibiotic resistant infections.

Recce’s synthetic polymer antibiotics have unique mechanisms of action that allow its compounds to overcome the issue of bacterial mutation (superbugs). This capability opens the potential to re-define antibiotic business models, currently held back by restrictive clinical practices for fear of engendering further antibiotic resistance through overuse – not the case for RECCE® antibiotics.

We have invested in establishing scalable infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities to initially secure supplies for planned human clinical trials whilst de-risking the expansion beyond.

Investment has also been made in establishing strong management and regulatory expertise needed to support our clinical and regulatory pathway towards product approval.

We seek to leverage on the ever-increasing global incentives to encourage the development of new antibiotics. Our lead compound RECCE® 327 has been awarded Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) designation under the US Generating Antibiotic Incentives Now (GAIN) Act. QIDP designation provides significant commercial benefits, including Fast Track designation, plus 10 years of market exclusivity post approval.

Our strategy is further supported by our extensive and wholly owned patent and intellectual property portfolio covering composition of matter, manufacturing and therapeutic applications.

We currently have 15 patents and patent applications across three patent families with protection across major markets including the US, Europe, Japan and China.

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